U.S. Metal Casting at A Glance

elaine meszaros
13 November 18

We break down the U.S. metalcasting industry by metal, process, state, and value-added services.

Using data gathered from a nationwide survey of the U.S. metal casters, Modern Casting can paint a picture of the industry in 2017. The data was compiled from a survey of 1,633 domestic metal casting facilities, 84% if the country’s estimated 1,949 plants in 2017.

Following is a breakdown of the survey results, The percent of responses reflects the number of surveyed facilities the responded to each question.


Most Common: Green Sand, Horizontally Parted

Least Common: V-Process with 601 metal casting facilities reported using the green sand horizontally parted process and 187 reported using the green sand vertically-parted process, 649 facilities used one or both of the green sand processes.

All major metal casting processes saw dips in number of facilities. However, some if the niche processes had new plants reported.

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