About Bernier Cast Metals

Producing Quality Castings since 1945

Bernier Cast Metals, Inc. is a successful family business that initially started out as Model Aluminum Foundry in 1945.  At the time it was Saginaw’s only foundry dealing exclusively in aluminum castings.  Core driers were the main production item and were purchased by local foundries in the automotive industry.  In 1972 the foundry changed names to Bernier Cast Metals, Inc., and over the years it has expanded beyond aluminum castings, incorporating brass, bronze, copper, grey iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel and zinc into the mix.

According to recent customer surveys, the reasons customers return with repeat business to Bernier are their high quality parts, on-time delivery, and fair market pricing. But what truly differentiates Bernier from other casting companies is their friendliness, responsiveness and ability to communicate, making it a hassle-free way for customers to do business.

This is to certify that the Quality Management System of:
Bernier Cast Metals Inc.
2626 Hess St.
Saginaw MI 48601
United States of America

Applicable to:
The Manufacture of Sand Castings Including Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Zinc, Grey and Ductile Iron, Steel and Stainless Steel Alloys.
has been assessed and approved by National Quality Assurance, U.S.A., against the provisions of:
ISO 9001:2015

Certificate Number: 15393
EAC Code: 17
Certified Since: June 18, 2008
Valid Until: June 5, 2023
Reissued: June 6, 2020
Cycle Issued: June 6, 2020