Bernier Cast Metals And An Agricultural University Redesigns Troublesome Equipment to Speed Up Planting

elaine meszaros
15 December 17

A representative from an agricultural university in Michigan stopped into Bernier Cast Metals’ facility with a piece of plastic farm machinery that was not operating as required. This machinery component had several design flaws that were causing disruptions in the planting process slowing productivity. Working with the university, Bernier Cast Metals developed a design for the part that would be cast from metal, be more dependable, and certainly more robust. We decided to design and cast the part in aluminum knowing this would make the part more efficient and practical than its plastic counterpart. After integrating the new part into the machinery, the university was pleased to find the new aluminum design exceeded their expectations. This new aluminum casting has been in service for two years and has eliminated any disruptions or problems previously experienced in the planting process, saving time and increasing efficiency.