Foundry Equipment

elaine meszaros
03 October 18

Foundry Equipment include machines, tools and devices that are used in foundries and metal casting facilities to execute different functions and requirements. A wide range of foundry equipment and systems are available in the market that are used in applications, as varied as automation, mold, core and sand making, laboratory, safety and environmental conservation purposes, testing and inspection, cleaning and finishing, etc.

Foundry equipment are designed to carry out different tasks more efficiently, reduce the number of workers required for a specific job, and to improve the performance and profits of foundries. Some of the advantages of using sophisticated foundry equipment in foundries lies in their flexibility – their usefulness to perform a variety of other tasks and functions. These equipment can be readily modified and configured to react to varying needs and facilitate a practical way to accomplish different tasks and activities.


Some of the most important types of foundry equipment are –

  • Automation
  • Laboratory
  • Mold, Core & Sand
  • Safety & Environmental
  • Cleaning & Finishing
  • Maintenance
  • Packaging & Shipping
  • Melting, Pouring & Heat Treatment Equipment
  • Peripherals
  • Testing & Inspection
  • Software & Management System


By making proper use of foundry equipment, several benefits can be achieved. Some of the important advantages include –

  • Routine tasks and systems within the foundries can be automated.
  • Help in improving the production and casting output.
  • Robotic systems can be used to execute hazardous works, such as pouring and degating.
  • Reduce chances of errors and improve the overall production quality and output.
  • Improve the performance and overall service life of machines and systems.
  • Safety and environment protection.
  • Different functions and tasks can be integrated to streamline the operations and optimize the performance.

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